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Belval, a monument – but above all an area of the future

The blast furnaces of Belval (A & B) are preserved as a national monument, the last of their kind in Luxembourg. The blast furnace C has been dismantled and reconstructed in China. They are the landmarks of an important part of the country's history. 

A proposal from the Sites and Monuments Board led to the inclusion of the two Belval blast furnaces on the Additional list of National Sites and Monuments as of 18 July 2000. Since 4th July 2014, the blast furnace A is open for the public and can be visited, you can either book a guided visit or discover the blast furnace on your own. You can climb up the stairs to a platform from which you will enjoy a stunning view over Belval and a large part of the southern region of Luxembourg.

The blast furnaces are one of the 5 places covered by the tourist route "Minett Tour - from earth to steel".

But Belval is not only a national monument, it is one of the biggest and most ambitious  urban development areas in Europe at the moment. On approximately 120 hectares, research, studies, work, leisure, commerce, living and culture are creating a multifunctional environment. Agora and Fonds Belval ensured the lead management by following the concept of Jo Coenen Architects from Maastricht.

The « Cité des Sciences » is the main project which first phase did cost about 950 million euros. 20 new buildings were constructed on the former blast furnace terrace – University of Luxembourg and several research centers settled as well.

Do not miss the the exhibition « Cité des Sciences » and the visit of the blast furnace !

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