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Swimming Pool 

The public swimming baths (Escher Schwëmm, Baind du Parc) opened their doors for the first time in 1950 although their architectural style reminds of the 1930's.

Entirely renovated in 2003, the complex offers nowadays four different pools:

  • A big pool: 25m * 12,5m, from 1,2m to 3,8m waterdepth with a diving plateform in the deepest part, water temperature is 27°C. 
  • A beginners pool: 17m * 5m, from 1,3m waterdepth, water temperature is 29/30°C with a dedicated whirlpool area
  • A childrens pool: 11m * 3,5m, from 0m to 0,3m waterdepth, with water fountains, water temperature is 32/34°C
  • An exterior pool:,17m to 5m, 1,3m waterdepth, water temperature is 29/30°C, all-season access

Numerous installations for wellness, relaxation and leisure activities:
The big toboggan: guaranteed sensations, the starting point is situated 4 meters high, the length of the slide is about 40m.

  • Sauna and Solarium: they are situated above the interior pools. You may choose between a Finnish sauna and a Turkish one, a cold and a hot pool. Even so, a relaxing space and a fruitjuice bar are available.
  • The bar-restaurant and its exterior terrace also accessible through a second entrance in Park Laval, opening hours are daily from 11 am to 1 am.


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Bains du Parc - Escher Schwemm
1, Place des Sacrifiés 1940-1945
L-4115 Esch-sur-Alzette
Tél.: +352 2754 7200/7210
Fax: +352 54 73 83 618
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