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Visitor center Ellergronn with its nature reserve 

The visitor center Ellergronn is situated about 2km south of Esch-sur-Alzette, near the nature reserve of the same name. A species-rich nature and rare biotopes claimed back a former opencast mine. The visitor center, hosted in the buildings of the former Cockerill-mine, is the starting point for several trails through nature and offers many activities all over the year. It is designed to give insight into the rich nature of the region.

The center consists of :

  • a permanent exhibition on the natural and historical heritage of the region – without forgetting the nature reserve Ellergronn
  • a multifunctional room for temporary exhibitionsexpositions and events around nature
  • a school room
  • the Café-Restaurant « An der Schmëtt » with beef of nature reserves on the menu
  • the offices of the visitor center and the ranger
  • the museum of the Cockerill-mine including an exhibition on life in the mines
  • a blacksmith's shop

The nature reserve Ellergronn is located in an area of 110 hectares, a former opencast mine. As the extraction works stopped, the area was left and many habitats with an enormous biodiversity developped. Today, the area consists of mainly calcarous beech forests, several ponds, an alder-ash grove and dry grasslands that are typical for the region.

You will find a description of the hiking trails in the section « Tourism/ Nature & Sports »


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Centre Accueil Ellergronn
L-4114 Esch/Alzette
Tél.: +352 26 54 42-1
Fax: +352 26 54 42 42

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